a problem of arbitrary initialization of LSM

Subject: a problem of arbitrary initialization of LSM
From: Xuguang Wang (xuguang@essc.psu.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 23:19:35 MDT

Dear ccm3 users:

Sorry to bother you again. I found a problem of the arbitrary
initialization of LSM.

I use SEP1.T42.0198.nc as the atmosphere initial data, T42M5079.nc as the
data ocean model's input data and the arbitrary initialization as the
input for the land surface model. This is exactly an example from
the scripts in ccm/data/bld.

Unfortunately, the arbitrary initialization of LSM does not give
reasonable initial values as the user's guide says. Take TG, the ground
temperature, as an example, by arbitrary initialization, TG is equal to
283K all over the globe. This is obviously unreasonable.

Have any of you tried the arbitrary initialization for LSM? Could any of
you give me some suggestions to solve this problem? Thanks.


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