Re: Boundary conditions

Subject: Re: Boundary conditions
From: Erik Kluzek (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 12:42:47 MDT


On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Alex wrote:
> I am using ccm3.6.6 version with fixed SST for
> paleoclimate modelling.
> I am using present day initial conditions.
> I would like to do the following experiment:
> right after reading of the initial conditions, drop the
> sea/land temperature by 30 K and run the code for
> convergence keeping fixed SST.
> My guess would be to subtract 30 K from tssub in the
> file initext.F. Does anybody know for sure?
> Bascially, does the initialization of the surface land
> or sea temperature is done in initext.F only?

It seems to me that it would be easier to take the input
datasets (atm initial conditions, and SST) and subtract 30K
from them, and do the run you propose. This means you don't
have to mess with code, and it's easier to document exactly
what you did. It's also fairly easy to work with NetCDF datafiles
using various tools such as NCL.

Working with the code is going to be a little more complex than
you suggest, since in the code you'll have to deal both with
initialization and with SST updates. You might get it right
for initialization, but model is also going to time interpolate the
SST dataset, so you'll have to work with the SST interpolation, as
well as fudge any reads of the SST dataset by 30K. So you could
mess with a bunch of the code,, or simply change the input datasets.

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