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Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 12:40:54 MDT

On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Xuguang Wang wrote:

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> Subject: SURPHY
> Dear ccm3 users:
> I have a question related to one of the error messages of ccm3, "SURPHY",
> which indicates an imbalance of surface flux.
> As far as I know, ccm3 can initialize LSM with "arbitrary initialization",
> which sets TG (ground temperature) and TV (vegetation temperature) to a
> constant value as 283K all over the globe. Is this kind of initalization
> going to cause a problem of "SURPHY", especially at poles where the
> realistic ground temperature is much less than 283K? Could any of you
> share your thoughts with me?

Messages of this type appear when the various components of the
climate system are not in equilibrium with each other.

Example: You start a run with SSTs from the Upper Miocene,
changed orographies, changed sea ice
but land properties to be finalized.

There messages of this type (including similar ones) appear
quite often. After the model gets into equilibrium (depending
on the question after two to 30 years) such messages disappear
(= for short times no need to worry but a hint for disequilibrium).

> Thanks,
> Xuguang
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