Re: LSM sfc data conflict with CCM3 initial dat

Subject: Re: LSM sfc data conflict with CCM3 initial dat
From: David Noone (
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 11:55:09 MST

Hi Hai-shan,

While we're talking about ORO, the problem is that you can potentially
have two definitions of where the land is. One is as the ORO variable in
the atmosphere initial conditions file, the other is in the LSM non-time
evolving file (surf2d in fsurdat, or as generated on-line and written to, etc). The LSM data will overwrite the original ORO data
- under the assumption that LSM knows more about the land that the
atmosphere model. During initialisation, there is a check to make sure
this overwriting did nothing. If this is not the case, it is assumed
that LSM is right, and ORO from the initial conditions is wrong. To stop
this message, the easiest fix is to make sure ORO is correct in the
initial conditions. However, I don't recall this occurring when you
compile the model "out of the box" and use the example data sets (on a
number of supported UNIXes). If you have interpolated to get a different
resolution, this is not necessarily the case. Although, I don't think it
is a problem (just make sure the LSM data is correct!), you might be
suspicious about the port (?) (hint: lat=2 is in Antarctica, where LSM
can do some redefining).


On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Chen Haishan wrote:

> Dear CCM users,
>          Recently I transfered the CCM3 to PC, and it seems run
> correctly.But at the beginning of the model run. The model give
> following information:
> ========================================================================
>  LSM sfc data says land, initial data says sea ice at i,lat=          70
>            2  LSM data will be used
>  LSM sfc data says land, initial data says sea ice at i,lat=          71
>            2  LSM data will be used
>                       .    ...
>                       .    ...
>                       .    ...
>                       .    ...
> ===========================================================================
>     I don't know whether it is a serious problem, and Does the UNIX model
> have this problem. If neccessary, how to solve this problem.
>     Could someone help me and tell me what's the matter?
>     Thank you very much
> Hai-shan
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> Hai-shan, Chen
> Department of Atmoshperic Scineces,
> Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, Nanjing, China.
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