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User's Guide to NCAR CCM3.6 Search Page

Table of Contents

User's Guide to NCAR CCM3.6 Search Page

User's Guide to NCAR CCM3.6


Table of Contents

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1. Introduction
    1.1 What is new with CCM3.6.6
        1.1.1 CCM3.6 versus CCM3.2 climate simulations
    1.2 Overview

2. Using CCM3.6
    2.1 How to Build and Run CCM3.6.6
        2.1.1 Obtaining the Source Code and Datasets
        2.1.2 Creating and Running the Executable
   Specification of environment variables
   Creation of header files and directory search path
   Details of gnumake procedure
   Running the Model
        2.1.3 Running the Distributed Memory Implementation
        2.1.4 Definition of Model Run Types (initial, restart, branch)
    2.2 Model Input Variables
    2.3 Model Input Datasets
        2.3.1 Atmosphere Component Datasets
   Initial Conditions Dataset
   Producing Initial Condition Datasets at Various Resolutions
   Ozone Dataset
        2.3.2 Ocean Component Datasets
   Running With the Data Ocean Component
   Producing Initial Condition Datasets at Various Resolutions
   Running with the Slab Ocean Model Component
        2.3.3 Land Surface Model Input Datasets
    2.4 Example Namelists
        2.4.1 Example 1 -- Initial Run, One Day
        2.4.2 Example 2 -- Initial Run, T21
        2.4.3 Example 3 -- Restart Run, 30 Days
        2.4.4 Example 4 -- Paleo Run
        2.4.5 Example 5 -- Branch Run
        2.4.6 Example 6 -- Initial Run, with additional fields
        2.4.7 Example 7 -- Run with Multiyear SST Dataset
        2.4.8 Example 8 -- Generate a Monthly-Averaged History File
        2.4.9 Example 9 -- Debugging Run
    2.5 Model Output Datasets
        2.5.1 Model History Files
   Primary History File
   Auxiliary History Files
   Model generated initial condition dataset files
   Naming the Primary and Auxiliary History Files
        2.5.2 Restart Datasets
        2.5.3. Mass Store Archiving.
    2.6 Using the Slab Ocean Model (SOM)
    2.7 Getting Help
        2.7.1 The CCM Web Page
        2.7.2 The ccm-users e-mail Group

3. CCM3.6 Internals
    3.1 Design Philosophy
    3.2 Model Code Flow
        3.2.1 Initialization
        3.2.2 Time Integration
   Latitude Scans
   Spectral Space Computations
   Computational Driving Routines for Each Latitude Band
    3.3 Data Structures
        3.3.1 Vertical Coordinate
        3.3.2 Grid-point Data Structures
   Model Buffers
   History Buffer
   Absorptivity/Emissivity Arrays
   Out-of-Core Data Storage: The SSD Work Units
   Local Workspace
   In-Core Grid-point Arrays
        3.3.3 Spectral Data Structures
        3.3.4 Other Common Blocks and Header Files: The Parameterization Interface
    3.4 Multitasking Strategy
        3.4.1 Shared-Memory Multitasking
   Shared-Memory Management
        3.4.2 Distributed Memory Multitasking
   Distributed Memory Management
   Distributed Memory I/O
    3.5 Output Datasets
        3.5.1 History Files
   History File Format
   History File Header Records
   Latitude Data Records
   History Buffer
   History File Code Flow
        3.5.2 Restart Files
    3.6 Disk and Mass Store File Management
        3.6.1 Disk File Management
        3.6.2 Use of the NCAR Mass Storage System
        3.6.3 Issuing Shell Commands from the Model

4. Changing the Model
    4.1 Modifying the Code
    4.2 Adding New Variables
    4.3 Adding New Constituents
        4.3.1 Initializing New Constituent Data Fields
        4.3.2 Surface Fluxes, Sources, and Sinks
        4.3.3 Adjustment Processes
        4.3.4 Global Minima
    4.4 Changing Resolution
    4.5 Adding Parameterizations
    4.6 Trouble-Shooting Model Changes
        4.6.1 Resource Allocation Errors
        4.6.2 Coding Errors
        4.6.3 Formulation Errors


Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: CCM3.6 Calling Tree

Appendix C: Model Error Messages

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