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The NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3)

The NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3) is no longer supported, use the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) for the latest model that includes limited support for use of the community.

Feb 13 2001: Averaging flags for CCM3.10.11 with CCM3.6.6 physics branch code

CCM Users;

There is a new feature with the latest public release of the CCM (the branch code of CCM3.10.11 with CCM3.6.6 physics that works on the IBM) that we didn't document previously. This feature allows you to change the default averaging flag for each variable on your history tapes. It allows you to add an extra descriptor for each output field that gives the averaging flag for that variable. This way you can have different averaging than the default for variables on the same output file. If you want to output different averaging for the same field, you do have to put these on different files, however.

Per-field averaging flag allowed in namelist via colon separation of field name from flag. For example, to make the temperature field instantaneous on tape 2 one would specify:

fincl2 = 'T:I'                                                                     

Note that like the field name, the averaging flag is case-sensitive.

Valid flags are:

I = Instantaneous
A = Average
X = Maximum
N = Minimum

Erik Kluzek, CCM core group

Last modified: Feb/13/2001

Remember CCM3 is now unsupported, use CAM for the latest Atmospheric Model for use of climate science.

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