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The NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3)

The NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3) is no longer supported, use the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) for the latest model that includes limited support for use of the community.

Sep 14 2001: Bug-Fix to LSM 1D output fields in CCM3.10.11 with CCM3.6.6 physics branch code

CCM Users;

Xuguang Wang, found a problem with the latest public released code. See his full message to "ccm-users". We've fixed the problem, and produced a new tar-file with the fixed code, and below I give the patch. The problem had to do with using the "FLDS1D" namelist option with LSM1. Mariana Vertenstein was able to find and fix the problem. Note, the new download also has changes that allow the model to work with the CSM flux coupler.

Erik Kluzek, CCM core group

To apply the patch move to your "ccm3" directory and if patch is installed you can do the following...

patch < ccm3.10.11_366physics_bug_fixes.patch1

Last modified: Sep/14/2001

Remember CCM3 is now unsupported, use CAM for the latest Atmospheric Model for use of climate science.

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