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Cecile Hannay

Cécile Hannay

I am an associate scientist in the Atmospheric Modeling and Predictability Section within the Climate and Global Dynamics Division at NCAR.

My research interests include clouds, their impact on climate and their representation in climate models. Clouds play a fundamental role in the global climate system through their impacts on the radiative budget. They modify the earth's radiation budget by altering the absorption, scattering and reflection characteristics of the atmosphere. The parameterization of clouds is one of the greatest sources of uncertainty in climate predictions. I am interested in the evaluation of cloud parameterizations and cloud feedbacks in climate models.

I use the CAPT protocol to evaluate parameterizations in climate models. The CAPT protocol concentrates on short-range forecasts with global climate models. The forecasts are initialized from atmospheric analyses and compared to observations and analyses to examine process errors associated with the model formulation. This approach provides an excellent method of examining parameterizations as it allows direct comparison of the parameterized variables (e.g. clouds) with observations from field campaigns. I used this framework in several studies ranging from model intercomparison in the Southearn Pacific Stratocumulus to parameterization assessment along the GCSS Pacific Cross-section Intercomparison (see the "Publications and presentations" section)

I am also deeply involved in the CAM development. In particular, I contribute to the evaluation of new parameterizations and help to understand their interactions with the rest of the model. I am assisting various efforts for CAM 4 development and provide support to scientists from the AMP and visitors.

Cécile Hannay
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Mailing address: 1850 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder CO 80305

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