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Discussion of Processor Topics.

1. Brief description of the Processor

2. Introduction to the documentation
2.1 Definitions of Processor Terms and Acronyms
3. Using the Processor
3.1 The Cray job deck
3.1.1 Jobstepping
3.1.2 Accessing the sample Processor job scripts
3.2 Naming conventions for ICP keywords
3.3 Syntax of ICP data input records
3.4 Mass storage interactions
3.5 Error handling
3.6 Order of Processor operations
3.6.1 Order for no time averaging, no time filtering
3.6.2 Order for time averaging, no time filtering
3.6.3 Order for no time averaging, time filtering
3.6.4 Order for time averaging, time filtering
3.6.5 Order of spectral operations
3.6.6 Order of spatial averaging and related plotting
3.6.7 Order of Case C processing
3.6.8 Order of Save Tape output
3.7 Special topics
3.7.1 Memory limitations
3.7.2 Processing costs
3.7.3 Conserving memory
3.7.5 Extra bottom (surface) levels
3.7.6 Special contour levels for mixing ratio
4. Specification of data to process
4.1 Input of History tapes
4.1.1 Limiting history tape input levels
4.2 Ensemble processing
4.3 List sorted data (LSD) processing
4.4 Printout of field values
4.5 Save tapes
4.5.1 Time Average Save Tapes Input of Time Average Save Tapes Output of Time Average Save Tapes
4.5.2 Time Series Save Tapes Input of Time Series Save Tapes Output of Time Series Save Tapes
4.5.3 History Save Tapes Output of History Save Tapes
4.5.4 Horizontal Slice Save Tapes Output of Horizontal Slice Save Tapes
4.5.5 Surface Type Save Tapes Input of Surface Type Save Tapes Output of Surface Type Save Tapes
4.5.6 Time Series Plot Save Tapes Input of Time Series Plot Save Tapes Output of Time Series Plot Save Tapes
4.5.7 List Sorted Data Save Tapes Output of LSD Save Tapes
5. Derived fields
5.1 General description of derived fields
5.2 Code-defined derived fields
5.3 User-defined derived fields
5.4 Spectral derived fields
5.4.1 Vector-pair derived fields
5.4.2 Gradient derived fields
6. Vertical interpolation
6.1 Vertical interpolation to pressure surfaces
6.2 Vertical interpolation to potential temperature surfaces
7. Spectral processing
7.1 Spectral interpolation
7.2 Spectral bandpass filtering
8. Time average statistics

9. Case comparison

10. Case merging

11. Surface type masking

12. Time filtering

13. Zonal eddy statistics

14. Spatial averaging
14.1 Vertical averaging
14.2 Zonal averaging
14.3 Meridional averaging
14.4 Horizontal area averaging with surface type masking
15. Production of graphics
15.1 Disposition of plot file
15.2 Plotting horizontal projections
15.2.1 Plotting rectangular horizontal projections Limited area horizontal projections
15.2.2 Plotting polar horizontal projections
15.3 Plotting meridional cross sections
15.4 Plotting latitudinal cross sections
15.5 Plotting time series
15.5.1 Plotting time vs. field value
15.5.2 Plotting time vs. zonal average
15.5.3 Plotting time vs. masked area average
15.5.4 Plotting zonal avg. contours (time vs. latitude)
15.5.5 Plotting meridional avg. contours (long. vs. time)
15.6 Spectral graphics
15.7 Plotting printed values
15.8 Plotting line graphs
15.9 Plotting contours
15.10 Plotting vectors
15.11 Plotting in color

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