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Richard Neale - Project Scientist


I'm a project scientist in the Atmospheric Modeling and Predicitability (AMP) section of the Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD) division at NCAR. As a co-chair for the Atmospheric Model Working Group (AMWG) of the Community Earth System Model (CESM). My role involves directing development of the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM). If you have any problems regarding the running of CAM, CESM or any other community model component your first port of call should be the CESM Bulletin Board where you will have access to the knowledge of hundred's of model users. I also run regular Thursday noon weekly meetings discussing AMWG and AMP research and model development activities.

Richard Neale

Research Activities

My research activities center around simulation of the mean climate and major atmospheric and coupled modes of varibility in earth system models and in particular CESM. With a tropical region I focus on regional, seasonal precipitation patterns and the representaion of El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) and the diurnal cycle in CESM. Key to the understanding and representation of tropical climate is the understanding and representation of tropical deep convection. The roles of variable entrainment and organization are dominant in nature, but under-represented in climate models and my research aims to improve their representation particularly as climate model resolutions head towards the mesoscale and finer in order to answer regional climate change problems. I am also examining the fidelity of climate models to accurately represent weather at high resolution and with particular influence on North America. This includes mesoscale convective systems (MCSs), Atmopsheric River (AR) events and tropical cyclones.

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CAM5-SE ne120

The diurnal cycle of precipitation using TRMM 3B42 3-houlry data for July/August/September. Amplitude and hourly phase of the first harmonic of precipitation (top) the variance explained (middle) and the JAS mean precipitation (bottom) in mm/day.

Recent Publications

K. J. Evans, D. C. Bader, J. Caron, J. J. Hack, S. Mahajan, M. Maltrud, J. McClean and R. B. Neale, 2012: A spectral transform dynamical core option within the atmospheric component of the Community Earth System Model J. Climate In preparation

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R. B. Neale, J. Richter, S. Park, P. H. Lauritzen, S. J. Vavrus, P. J. Rasch, and M. Zhang, 2012: The Mean Climate of the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM4) in Forced SST and Fully Coupled Experiments. J. Climate. In Revision

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