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Richard Neale - Project Scientist

Putting convective water tendencies into large-scale cloud

11 Feb 09
-DLF only accounts for the liquid detrainment at the top level
-DLF is Scattered version of DLG and is copmuted in q1q2_pjr
-Variable is DL in q1q2_pjr
-For ALL levels between pver and plume top (jt) dl is computed as dl(i,k) = du(i,k)*ql(i,k+1) (detrainment*updraft liquid) (oops I though it was just at the top layer!)
-du is then just d(mu)/dz detrainmnet rate of updraft.
-dqdt in q1q2_pjr is then grid mean moisture tendency but it includes the effects of updrafts, downdrafts