CGD Media Webcasts: Symposium in Honor of Dr. Maurice Blackmon

Maurice Blackmon Symposium archived presentations

Symposium Details

10-29-07: Speaker, Mike Wallace, University of Washington
Maurice Blackmon's Contributions to our Understanding of the General Circulation: 1975-1984 :: view

10-29-07: Speaker, Gabriel Lau, GFDL
Maurice Blackmon's Contributions to Climate Diagnostics Research :: view

10-29-07: Joe Tribbia, NCAR CGD
Maurice Blackmon and two-dimensional spectral analysis: the power and glory :: view

10-29-07: Gerry North, Texas A&M
Tracking Blackmon's Storm Tracks :: view

10-29-07: Brian Hoskins, University of Reading, UK
Blocking and Rossby wave breaking :: view

10-29-07: Randy Dole, NOAA
Intraseasonal low-frequency variability :: view

10-29-07: Grant Branstator, NCAR CGD
Forcing the Global Troposphere from the Tropics :: view

10-29-07: Marty Hoerling, NOAA
The Role of Midlatitude SST Variations and Change in Climate :: view

10-29-07: Mike Alexander, NOAA
The influence of tropical-extratropical interactions on ENSO variability :: view

10-29-07: Clara Deser, NCAR CGD
Blackmon and Bjerknes: Air-sea Interaction in the North Atlantic :: view

10-29-07: Peter Gent, NCAR CGD
CCSM :: view

10-29-07: Prashant Sardeshmukh , NOAA/CDC
Reconciling non-Gaussian climate statistics with linear theory :: view

See also

10-29-07: Steve Mullen, University of Arizona
Maurice Blackmon's influence on a weather forecaster :: view