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FY 2004 Publications

Publications by Oceanography Staff in Fiscal Year 2004
(Oct. 1, 2003 through Sept. 30, 2004)

Bold face denotes university collaborators and * denotes non-NCAR collaborators.

Danabasoglu, G., 2004: A comparison of global ocean general circulation model solutions with synchronous and accelerated integration methods.  Ocean Modelling, 7, 323-341. (1.94 MB PDF)

Doney, S. C., and J. A. Kleypas, Eds., 2004: The US JGOFS Synthesis and Modeling Project: Phase II.  Deep-Sea Research Part II, 50, 2847-3226. 

Doney, S. C.,  K. Lindsay, *K. Caldeira, J.-M. Campin, *H. Drange, *et al., 2004: Evaluating global ocean carbon models: the importance of realistic physics.  Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 18, GB3017, doi:1029/2003GB002150.  (2.67 MB PDF)

Gent, P. R., and G. Danabasoglu, 2004: Heat uptake and the thermohaline circulation in the Community Climate System Model, version two.  Journal of Climate, 17, 4058-4069.  (342 KB PDF)

Holland, M., C. Bitz, and *E. Hunke, 2004: Mechanisms forcing an Antarctic dipole in simulated sea ice and surface ocean conditions.  Journal of Climate, submitted.  (3.4 MB PDF preprint)

Kiehl, J. T., and P. R. Gent, 2004: The Community Climate System Model, version two.  Journal of Climate, 17, 3666-3682. (1.15 MB PDF)

Matsumoto, K., *et al., 2004: Evaluation of ocean carbon cycle models with data-based metrics.  Geophysical Research Letters, 31, L07303, doi: 10.1029/2003GL018970.  (Abstract, 3.94 MB PDF)

Moore, K., *S. Doney, and K. Lindsay, 2004: Upper ocean ecosystems dynamics and iron cycling in a global 3D model.  Biogeochemical Cycles, submitted.  (1.15 MB PDF)

*Saiki, E., R. Kerr, and W. G. Large, 2003: Direct numerical simulations of three-dimensional thermohaline fingering in the ocean.  Journal of Physical Oceanography, submitted.

Sarmiento, J. L., *et al., 2004: Response of ocean ecosystems to climate warming. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 18, GB3003, doi:1029/2003GB002134. (5.12 MB PDF)

*Smith, R. D., and P. R. Gent, 2003: Anisotropic GM parameterization for ocean models.  Journal of Physical Oceanography, accepted for publication.  (6.11 MB G-zipped TAR file10.2 MB PDF)

Stammer, D., K. Ueyoshi, A. Köhl, W. G. Large, *S. A. Josey, and C. Wunsch, 2004: Estimating air-sea fluxes of heat, freshwater, and momentum through global ocean data assimilation. Journal of Geophysical Research, 109, C05023, doi:10.1029/2003JC002082.  (4.17 PDF)

*Stockwell, R. G., W. G. Large, and *R. F. Milliff, 2004: Resonant inertial oscillations in moored buoy ocean surface winds.  Tellus, in press. (6.73 MB PDF preprint)

Wu, W., Lynch, A. H., and Rivers, A., 2004: Estimating uncertainty in a regional climate model related to initial and lateral boundary conditions.  Journal of Climate, accepted for publication.

Yeager, S. G., and W. G. Large, 2004: Late winter generation of spiciness on subducted isopycnalsJournal of Physical Oceanography, 34, 1528-1547. (1.97 MB PDF)


Briegleb, B. P., C. M. Bitz, *E. C. Hunke, *W. H. Lipscomb, M. M. Holland, J. L. Schramm, and R. E. Moritz, 2004: Scientific description of the sea ice component in the Community Climate System Model, Version Three. NCAR Tech. Note NCAR/TN-463+STR, 70 pp. (5.36 MB PDF)

Briegleb, B. P.,  *E. C. Hunke, C. M. Bitz, *W. H. Lipscomb, M. M. Holland, J. L. Schramm, and R. E. Moritz, 2004: The sea ice simulation in the Community Climate System Model, Version Two. NCAR Tech. Note NCAR/TN-455+STR, 34 pp. (1 MB PDF)

Large, W. G., and S. G. Yeager, 2004: Diurnal to decadal global forcing for ocean and sea-ice models: the data sets and flux climatologies.  NCAR Technical Note NCAR/TN-460+STR, 111 pp.  (112 MB PDF)

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