Ozone Garden Data Entry

Ozone Injury

What is the severity of the ozone injury on the affected leaves? To use paper and pencil to track data while in your garden download and print this Garden Observation Sheet, then come back and record your data here using the form below.

Getting Started

First, select the leaf below that corresponds to your local garden to begin the data collection process.

Then, choose the plant you will observe to look for ozone damage or injury. This will be the plant for which you collect data.

Select the plant you are choosing by clicking on the picture or selecting from the dropdown choices.

Snap bean plant example
Coneflower bean plant example
Potato plant example
Milkweed bean plant example

Basic Information

For each leaf, what is the estimated percent of leaf area that has visible ozone damage?

Finally, select the image that best classifies the amount of damage you see on each leaf by using the arrows on the left and right of each leaf. Please repeat for 10 leaves of this plant type choosing a few leaves from the top, middle, and bottom of the plants.

* Note that you may need to use different individuals of the same plant type.

Injury Identification

* If you are a garden manager make sure you are logged in