Adam Phillips


Adam Phillips is an associate scientist in the Climate Analysis Section of the Climate and Global Dynamics Division. He is a co-liaison of the Climate Variability and Change Working Group, and assists the CESM modeling efforts through climate metric development and post-simulation support. Adam works closely with a variety of CGD scientists on numerous scientific activities ranging from participating in exploratory research, to running the CESM model, to creating world-class figures for use in presentations and papers. He has authored or provided assistance to dozens of peer-reviewed articles, and is a contributing author for Chapter 3 of the upcoming IPCC-AR6.

Adam is also the main architect of the Climate Variability Diagnostics Package for Large Ensembles and the Climate Variability Diagnostics Package, tools that allow for quick comparisons of the major modes of climate variability across model simulations and observations.

Selected Presentations

  • The NCAR Climate Variability Diagnostics Package for Large Ensembles, CGD Seminar Series, NCAR, Nov 2020
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  • CESM Diagnostics and Output, 2020 CESM Tutorial
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