Curriculum Vitae:  David M. Lawrence

Address Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory
National Center for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, Colorado  80307

e-mail:      internet:
Phone: (303) 497-1384


National Center for Atmospheric Research: Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory, Terrestrial Sciences Section
       Section Head, 2019-present
       Senior Scientist, 2018-present
       Scientist III, 2013-2018
       Scientist II, 2010-2013
       Project Scientist II, 2007-2010
       Project Scientist I, 2004-2007
       Visiting Scientist, 2003-2004

University of Reading, UK: Centre for Global Atmospheric Modeling
       Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2001-2003

University of Colorado: Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
       Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2000
       Research Scientist: Joint Air-Sea Monsoon INteraction Experiment (JASMINE), May-June 1999
       Graduate Research Assistant, 1994-1999


University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado
       Ph.D., December 1999, Dept of Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences
               Title of Thesis: Intraseasonal Variability of the South Asian Monsoon
               Advisor: Professor Peter J. Webster
       M.S., 1996, Department of Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences

University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, California
       B.S., 1993, Physics with specialization in Biology

and Outreach

Postdoctoral Mentor, Daniel Kennedy, 2019-present
Postdoctoral Mentor, Katie Dagon (joint with Rosie Fisher, 2017-2019
Postdoctoral Mentor, Justin Perket (joint with Martyn Clark and Yingfan Reinfelder, Rutgers), 2015-2017
Postdoctoral Mentor, Ahmed Tawfik (joint with Paul Dirmeyer at COLA), 2013-2014
Postdoctoral Mentor, Sanjiv Kumar (joint with Paul Dirmeyer at COLA), 2012-2014
Postdoctoral Mentor, Hanna Lee, 2011-2014
Postdoctoral Mentor, Matt Higgins, 2011-2012
Postdoctoral Mentor, Steve Edburg (joint with Jeff Hicke at U. Idaho) 2009-2012
Postdoctoral Mentor, Erich Fischer, 2008-2009
Postdoctoral Mentor, Sean Swenson, 2006-2009
Thesis Committee Member, TC Chakroburty, Yale University, 2019-present; Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University, 2019; Tony Wong, Univ. Colorado, 2016; Mingjie Shi, Univ. Texas, 2013; Chris Avis, Univ. Victoria, 2012; Patrick Kelly, RSMAS, 2008
Co-PhD advisor, Tom Osborne, University of Reading, 2001-2004

Guest Lecturer, Permafrost in the Earth System, Arctic climate processes lecture series at CU, Dec 4, 2015.
Lecturer, Co-organizer, Community Land Model tutorial, 2014, 2016
Guest Speaker, Colorado Native Plant Society meeting, 28 Sept, 2013
Guest Speaker, AGCI Forest Workshop, Jan 2012, May 2013
Guest Speaker, Modeling Arctic Change in an Earth System Model presentation to Undergraduate Leadership Workshop, June 2010, 2012
Guest Speaker, Implications of projected 21st century permafrost thaw, NCAR Journalism Fellowship, June 2011
Lecturer, CESM Overview, Land Modeling, LANL CESM Tutorial, April 2011
Lecturer, Land Modeling I: Biogeophysical processes, CESM Tutorial, summer 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016
Guest Speaker, Observed and Modeled Arctic climate change presentation to Boulder Watershed Academy students, Feb 2010
Guest Lecturer, Policy implications of climate controversies, University of Colorado, Spring 2009
Guest Speaker, Supercomputing 2008: Accelerating Change in the Arctic?, Austin, TX, Nov 2008
Media Outreach, Interviews with Scientific American, AP, New York Times, New Scientist, Washington Post, Epoca, Nature, Canadian Press, etc.
Lecturer, IARC Summer School on the Modeling of Arctic Climate, Fairbanks, AK, May 2008
Guest Speaker, Climate change research at NCAR presentation to Chevron learning fellows, Boulder, CO, 18 April 2008.
Capitol Hill Briefing, Climate change feedbacks associated with permafrost degradation, AMS Environmental Science Seminar Series, Washington DC, 22 Feb, 2006.
Guest Speaker, Denver LoDo Rotary Club: Permafrost and Climate Change Feedbacks, Denver, CO, 12 Apr, 2006
Guest Lecturer, Stanford EE Computer Science Colloquium: Permafrost and Climate Change Feedbacks, Stanford, CA, 5 Apr, 2006
Lecturer, International Summer School on Atmospheric and Oceanic Science (ISSAOS): Coupling Hydrologic and Atmospheric Models, L'Aquila, Italy, Sept 2005
Guest lecturer, Introduction to Atmospheric Processes, University of Colorado, Spring 2004
Lecturer, Synoptic meteorology II, University of Reading, Spring 2002
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Atmospheric and Oceanic Processes, University of Colorado, 1997-1998

and Service

Advisory Board Member, UK HydroJULES Project, 2021-present
Co-chair, Land Use Model Intercomparison Project (LUMIP / CMIP6), 2013-present
Topical Editor, EGU journal Geoscientific Model Development, 2009-present
Panel Member, Global Land Atmosphere System Study (GLASS / GEWEX), 2014-present
Co-lead, Permaforst Carbon Network: Model Integration Group, 2011-present
Member, Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment (NGEE-Arctic) Science Advisory Board, 2012-2018
Expert Reviewer, Stockholm University faculty search for climate-related biogeochemical modeling, 2012
Panel Member, CLIVAR Process Studies and Model Improvement Panel, 2010-2012
Contributing author, Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) SAP3.4 Abrupt Climate Change Report, 2007-2008
Committee Member, North American Monsoon Experiment (NAME) Science Working Group, 2007-2009
Member, Blue Ribbon Panel advisory committee for World Bank Amazon dieback risk assessment, 2007-2009
Participant, AGCI Workshop on Northern Eurasian Earth System Science Partnership Initiative, 2007
Participant, AGCI Workshop on Earth System Modeling, 2006
Participant, North American Monsoon Model Assessment Project (NAMAP2), 2006
Participant, Global Land-Atmosphere Coupling Experiment (GLACE), 2003

and Service

Co-lead, NSF Site Visit Team: Modeling and Data Assimilation Theme, 2021
Co-lead, Community Terrestrial System Model (CTSM), 2018-present
Co-chair, CESM Land Model Working Group, 2005-2019
Committee Member, CESM Scientific Steering Committee, 2010-2020
Steering Committee Member, CESM Tutorial, 2010-2012 (Chair, 2011)
Committee Member, NCAR Awards Committee, 2009-2011
Committee Member, NCAR Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) Steering Committee, 2006-2009


Impacts of Land Use and Land Management on Earth System Evolution, Biogeochemical Cycles, Extremes and Inter-Sectoral Dynamics, Aspen, CO, September 2019
CESM Land Model Working Group meeting, winter and summer meetings, 2005-2019
LandMIP meeting, Toulouse, France, October 2018
Arctic Terrestrial Modeling Workshop, Oxford, UK, Sept 2017
International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) Workshop, Washington DC, May 2016
Improving hydrology in Earth System Models, NCAR, October 2015
CMIP6 LandMIPs (LUMIP, LS3MIP) workshop, Zurich, Switzerland, July 2015
LUMIP, AerChemMIP, and ScenarioMIP workshop, Aspen, CO, August 2014
LUMIP Workshop, Hamburg, Germany, July 2014
Convener for Water Cycle and Permafrost Hydrology sessions: AGU, San Francisco, Dec 2015; Land Model Benchmarking session: GEWEX, The Hague, Netherlands, July 2014; Land, Water, and Climate session: WCRP Open Science Conference, Denver, CO, Oct 2011


CESM Distinguished Achievement Award, 2020
NERSC Achievement Award to Charles Koven, Bill Riley, and David Lawrence, 2016
CGD Special Recognition Award to CESM Tutorial Team, 2012
CCSM Distinguished Achievement award (awarded to the LMWG for collaborative efforts building CLM3.5), 2008

Research Grants Awarded

"Collaborative Research: Permafrost Carbon Network: Synthesizing flux observations for benchmarking model projections of permafrost carbon exchange" (PI Ted Schuur, Northern Arizona Univ.). NSF Arctic System Science, FY2020-2023, $435K.

"EMERALD - Terrestrial ecosystem-climate interactions of our EMERALD planet" (PI Frode Stordal, Univ. Oslo). Norway Federal Research, FY2019-2021, $100K.

"Parameterizing the effects of sub-grid land heterogeneity on the atmospheric boundary layer and convection: Implications for surface climate, variability and extremes" (PI Nate Chaney). NOAA Climate Process Team, FY 2020-2022, $600K.

"3D-Land Energy Exchanges: Harnessing High Resolution Terrestrial Information to Refine Atmosphere-to-Land interactions in Earth System Models" (PI Kuo-Nan Liou, UCLA), NOAA Climate Process Team, FY2020-2022, $390K.

"Light-weight Infrastructure for Land-Atmosphere Coupling (LILAC)" (PIs: Scott Denning, Mariana Vertenstein). NSF-SSI, FY2017-FY2019, $450K.

"Reducing Uncertainty in Biogeochemical Interactions through Synthesis and Computation (RUBISCO) (PIs: Forrest Hoffman, Jim Randerson, and Bill Riley). DOE, FY2018-2020, $650K.

"INSPIRE: A CUAHSI-NCAR Collaboration to Improve Hydrologic Process Representation in Weather, Climate and Earth System Models" (PIs: Yingfan Reinfelder and Martyn Clark). NSF-Hydrology, FY2016-2018, $300K.

"International Land Model Benchmarking Project" (PIs: Jim Randerson, Forrest Hoffmann, Bill Riley). DOE, FY2016-2017, $200K.

"Permafrost Vulnerability in a Seasonally Ice-Free Arctic" (PI: Chip Miller). NASA-ROSES2012 IDS, FY2015-2017, $450K.

"Collaborative Research: EASM-3: Land Use Change and Land-Atmosphere Feedback Processes as Regulators of Regional Climate Change" (PI: Paul Dirmeyer), NSF EaSM3, FY2015-FY2018, $800K.

"Quantification of Land-Use/Land Cover Change as Driver of Earth System Dynamics (PI: George Hurtt), DOE SciDAC, FY2015-2017, $200K.

"Collaborative Research: The Climatic Role of Permafrost-As permafrost thaws, could a weakening terrestrial freezer and an increasingly leaky bathplug amplify Arctic climate change?" (PI: Andrew Slater). NSF-OPP: FY2014-2016, $160K.

"Collaborative Research: Improved cold region hydrology process representation as a cornerstone of Arctic biogeochemical modeling" (PI: Andrew Slater, co-PI: Sean Swenson). NSF Earth System Modeling Program: FY2011-FY2014, $458K.

"Collaborative Research: Improved Regional and Decadal Predictions of the Carbon Cycle" (PI: Natalie Mahowald, co-PI: Jim Randerson, Keith Lindsay, Gordon Bonan), NSF Earth System Modeling Program: FY2011-FY2014, $599K.

"Collaborative Research: Ecosystem Impacts of Variability and Extreme Events in the Arctic" (PI: John Walsh, co-PI: Marika Holland, Georgina Gibson), NSF Earth System Modeling Program: FY2011-FY2014, $396K.

"Climate Science for a Sustainable Energy Future" (PI: Dave Bader, co-PIs: Bill Large and many others). DOE: FY2012, $261K.

"Collaborative Research: the Seasonal Response of the Arctic and Global Climate System to Projected Sea Ice Loss within the Context of GHG-Induced Climate Change" (PI: Clara Deser, co-PI: Marika Holland, Andrew Slater). NSF Arctic System Science Program: FY2010-2012, $670K.

"High-latitude climate feedbacks in CCSM3: Initiators of abrupt climate change?" (co-PIs: Peter Hess, Marika Holland, Natalie Mahowald, Dave Schimel, Peter Thornton). NCAR Director's Opportunity Fund, FY2008-2009.


Publications for David Lawrence 2021

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Extensive experience analyzing large geophysical datasets, including reanalyses, general circulation model output, and multi-year satellite-observed datasets.

Experience designing and running experiments with a Global Climate Model (Hadley Centre Unified Model and NCAR Community Climate System Model).

Experience with various geophysical data analysis methods including principal component analysis, wavelet analysis, wavenumber-frequency spectra, and regression analysis.

Proficient IDL, FORTRAN, and UNIX programmer.

Experience with the HTML language, LaTeX, Adobe Illustrator, and a variety of other software packages.