CFMIP Observational Simulator Package (COSP) in CAM Code History

NCAR's CFMIP/COSP contact: Jen Kay (jenkay at ucar dot edu)
page last updated 01-03-2017

MILESTONE!! COSP1.4 ready to use in the CAM code base as of CAM tag cam5_3_88. See Kay et al. (2016 DOI: 10.1002/2015JD024699). Expect release within CESM2 in early 2017.

Note: bug for vertically dimensioned new CALIPSO cloud phase diagnostics fixed CAM tag cam5_3_84.

MILESTONE!! COSP1.4+CESM snow mods+abugfix have been put on the CAM trunk as of CAM tag cam5_3_73.

CESM-relevant changes from COSP1.3 to COSP1.4 taken from the CFMIP website ( are: 1) In radar simulator: new attenuation integration scheme and other optimsations, possibility of using a look up table, partial support of two-moment microphysics, selection of microphysics via cosp_defs.h. 2) Optimised version of cosp_change_vertical_grid in cosp_stats 3) New CALIPSO cloud phase diagnostics: large list of new cloud diagnostics developed by Gregory Cesana (Cesana and Chepfer, doi:10.1002/jgrd.50376) 4) New timing variables that allow to get a quick estimate of the performance of each simulator. In addition - the COSP1.4 in CESM implementation has: 1) radiatively active snow in all simulators (described in Kay et al. 2012 doi: with lidar snow treatment error fix (described in English et al. 2014 doi: 2) bug fix identified by Po-Lun for convective ice input into COSP in cospsimulator_intr.F90.

LIDAR BUG FIX (relevant for CAM5 only)!! An error was found in the lidar simulator related to snow. A fix was added as a part of the CESM1_2 bug fix release slated to occur in early December. This bug fix will be in the development code after cam trunk tag cam5_3_19.

MILESTONE!! COSP is in the CESM1_1_1 release. Please use the CESM1_1_1 release for any production runs using COSP! Note if you are running on Yellowstone, there are several machine-related settings that you will want to know about. See Yellowstone Help

MILESTONE!! Improvements made to cam1_1_16 released to public as a part of the CESM1.0.4 release (February 2012). Please use this release for any production runs using COSP!

MILESTONE!! Improved namelist control for COSP-enabled CAM on CAM trunk/CESM trunk including "COSP-lite" and cosp_amwg and running COSP on a geographic subset.

Code is incorporated into cam5_1_16.
Code is incorporated into cesm tag cesm1_1_beta08.

MILESTONE!! COSP-enabled CAM is released to the public in CESM1.0.3. All simulators are working well with both CAM4 and CAM5 physics.

Code is consistent with cam5_0_55.

MILESTONE!! Local modifications to the MODIS simulator code and updated relevant CAM code (cospsimulator_intr.F90). All simulators are now validated for both CAM4 and CAM5. MODIS simulator output is now working.

This tag will be part of the CAM5.1 release, scheduled to happen sometime in May 2011.
This is the candidate version of COSP for CFMIP contributions using CAM5.
This is the tag for the Kay et al. (J. Climate, 2012) AMIP runs run on bluefire:
1 degree CAM4 and CAM5 for 2001-2010. 2 degree CAM4, untuned CAM5 for 1999-2003.

TIMING/GAU INFORMATION (from 1 month AMIP runs on bluefire completed in May 2011 using 2 nodes, ptile=64)

2 deg fv: CAM4 16 wall clock minutes, 21 GAU (22 months per 6 hour wall clock); CAM5 34 wall clock minutes, 45 GAU (10 months per 6 hour wall clock)
1 deg fv: CAM4 49 wall clock minutes, 73 GAU (7 months per 6 hour wall clock); CAM5 123 wall clock minutes, 183 GAU (2 months per 6 hour wall clock)

MILESTONE!! Updates to COSP simulators (ISCCP, MODIS, MISR, CALIOP) and relevant CAM code (rrtm/radiation.F90, cospsimulator_intr.F90) to incorporate the influence of snow in the COSP diagnostics (important for CAM5 only).

Snow code for COSP has not been released by the COSP community.
A new namelist variable to save COSP inputs now available: cosp_histfile_aux
Note: MODIS simulator code is still not validated - producing crashes on bluefire. If you are interested in MODIS simulator output, use a later tag.

Note: Ben Sanderson used cesmbeta19, cam5_0_50 is the CAM/CCSM/COSP tag for testing CFMIP contributions using CAM4, though the code CAM4 has not changed since cam5_0_45.

MILESTONE!! Updates to CAM4/CAM5 effective radius treatment, bug fixes, and incorporation of requested CFMIP diagnostics.

Note: MODIS simulator on bluefire showing weird values for this version. If you are interested in MODIS simulator output, use a later tag.
ADDFLD/OUTFLD calls for the following CAM outputs were added for CFMIP/COSP

MILESTONE!! COSP passes software engineering test suite with CAM4 and CAM5 physics and is on the CAM trunk.

MILESTONE!! COSP with CAM4 physics on the CESM trunk -- this tag is being used for CCR/LLNL tests on franklin (DOE machine).

MILESTONE!! COSP passes software engineering test suite with CAM4 physics.

MILESTONE!! COSP is now on the CAM trunk working with CAM4 physics.

CAM Repository Branch with COSP to work with both CAM4 and CAM5 physics

The branch is now abandoned because it has been merged with the trunk.

CAM4-COSP Repository Branch

The branch is now abandoned because it has been merged with the trunk.

COSP Vendor Repository Branch