What is the easiest way to run COSP within CAM and look at COSP diagnostics using the AMWG diagnostics package?

NCAR's CFMIP/COSP contact: Jen Kay (jenkay at ucar dot edu)
website last updated 8-16-2012

1) Configure CAM with COSP (configure -cosp .... )
2) Set cosp_amwg=.true. in the CAM namelist
3) Run CAM for at least one year including months needed for DJF averaging
4) Run the latest version of the AMWG diagnostics package

1) Setting cosp_amwg=.true. in the CAM namelist runs the radar, lidar, modis, misr and isccp simulators, and saves the monthly COSP outputs needed for the AMWG diagnostics package in the CAM *h0* files. See this page for more information.
2) Running with cosp_amwg=.true. is only possible in CAM development tags after cam5_1_16 and in the CESM 1.0.4 release. For earlier tags/releases, you will need to set the following in your CAM namelist to get a similar run:
cosp_histfile_num = 1
cosp_lisccp_sim = .true.
cosp_lradar_sim = .true.
cosp_llidar_sim = .true.
cosp_lmisr_sim = .true.
cosp_lmodis_sim = .true.
cosp_nradsteps = 3
cosp_ncolumns = 10