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Warren Washington, Senior Scientist

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South Pole Station entrance.

Warren inspecting the tunnels under the South Pole station.

Geographic Pole, which is actually the South Pole at one instance in time.

A new research facilities that maintained by NOAA and takes mostly meteorological and chemical measurements.

On the edge of Antarctica in the regions of sea ice, there are large numbers of penquins.

A view of a large Antarctic Glacier.

Under the South Pole Station. John Hunt of NSF is on the right.

South Pole.

The C130 airplane that flew the National Science Board delegation.

Dry Valleys where the winds dry out the surface and scientists can study the rock formations.

National Science Board members and NSF Staff at the Geographical South Pole.

South Pole Greenhouse: vegetables are vital for morale and diet.

A plaque on the outside of the Scott expedition cabin.

Inside the Scott Cabin Near McMurdo Antarctica.

A scene from inside the Scott expedition cabin as it was left in the early 1900s.

Warren Washington skiing in the Colorado Mountains.

Warren Washington at the Great Wall of China near Beijing.