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02.03.03 - Printer Configs:Apple

How do I add a printer to my Apple desktop or laptop?

First off, in order to print to CGD printers you need to be using either a CGD maintained system or else you need to be on the VPN network. For instructions on using VPN, please see this link:

   Remote Connections:VPN

Next, you'll need to download and install the HP Printer Drivers package from Apple. CGD maintained systems have this installed by default. Visitors may download the package here:

    HP Driver Package for Apple

CGD printer name, location, and printer type information can be found at on this page:

    Printer Locations

To add a printer, open System Preferences and click on the Print and Scan icon. In the next window, click on the "+" sign in the lower left pane and browse to the printer in the Add dialog.

For systems on the VPN network, click on the IP icon at the top to bring up another dialog box. In this box you will fill in the IP Adress of you target printer and select the HP Jetdirect protocol. The auto select function should automatically populate the driver selection at the bottom if you have installed the HP Printer Drivers package from the link above. If not, you will need to manually select the appropriate driver. Click on Add at the bottom of the dialog box and you are finished.

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