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02.11.03 - Cluster Software

In addition to the software you'll normally find in /usr/local, these packages were compiled specifically to work on the cluster.


  • GNU - gcc, gfortran
  • Intel Cluster Studio - icc, icpc, ifort
  • Portland Group - pgcc, pgCC, pgc++, pgfortran
  • NAG - nagfor


  • GDB
  • Intel
  • PGI
  • TotalView

MPI Libraries:

  • mvapich
  • mvapich2
  • openmpi


NetCDF is compiled against each of the available compilers.
Note that when you load the module for your compiler, the NetCDF libraries are also loaded.


Modules are used to quickly and easily setup your computing environment.
Loading a module will correctly set up the paths to your binaries and libraries so you don't have to do it manually.
To use modules, you only need a few simple commands or use "module help" to see all options:

  • module avail - see what environments are available
  • module load - load your environment
  • module list - see what you have loaded
  • module purge - remove all modules

Missing Software?

Are we missing software that you need to do your work?
If so, send an email to help AT and we can discuss its installation on the cluster.

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