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02 - NCAR CGD Compute Environment

CGD/IS provides a stable, mostly user-friendly, computing environment for staff, collaborators and visitors. For more detailed information on our environment, click on the Table of Contents link at the bottom of this page. However, if you are just getting started, here is a quick overview:

  • Home Directories - All users with CGD accounts have a home directory with 7Gb of storage. The directory will show up as the H: drive on MS Windows, as /home on linux, and can be mounted via SMB on OS X
  • /project Directories - Each section in CGD has it's own dedicated storage under /project. These directories are mountable on all CGD maintained workstations and servers. Speak to your sponsor/supervisor if you need additional storage beyond what's available in your home directory.
  • Computing - CGD has three general use linux servers for computing and post-processing:
    Most of the software you'll need will be in /usr/local.
    These servers can all be accessed via ssh on linux and OS X, or via Putty on MS Windows. If you are a visitor bringing your own system, you will need the VPN client.

For a list of all CGD/IS documentation, see:

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