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03.02 Accessing UCAR E-mail

  • The preferred method of accessing your UCAR e-mail is through your favorite browser. Although Google Chrome offers enhanced functionality, any browser will suffice.
  • The advantage of web based e-mail is that you can access your Gmail account from anywhere you have access to the Internet and a web browser.
  • If you simply must use a dedicated mail client, CGD/IS still supports Thunderbird.
  • Most any other IMAP/S client should work with Gmail, but we simply don't have the resources to test and support additional clients. See the links below for detailed setup instructions.
    Configuring Thunderbird for Gmail

UCAR has setup an internal help site for all things Google Apps.
Quick starts, training videos and FAQs are all available here:

    Google Apps Support Site

For a list of all CGD/IS documentation, see:

    Table of Contents