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03.10 - Spam control

Spam is a continually growing problem. Gmail has built in spam filters which are typically quite good, but given the nature of spam and the attempts to fight it, there will always be false positives.

For that reason, you should get in the habit of checking your spam label every few days. Like most filters, you'll need to train Gmail to make it more effective for you.

If you find a message in the spam folder that is not spam, right click on the message(s) and select "Not spam". You need to actively mark it as not spam. Simply moving it to your inbox or to the Trash will not train the filter. Conversely, if you find a message in your Inbox that is spam, right click on the message and select "Report Spam" rather than just deleting it.

Messages that end up under the Spam label will be deleted after 30 days, just like your Trash.
If you wish to delete them sooner, select the message(s) and use the "Delete Forever" option.

UCAR no longer uses Maia Mailguard or local blacklist filtering, everything is done through Google.

UCAR has setup an internal help site for all things Google Apps.
Quick starts, training videos and FAQs are all available here:

    Google Apps Support Site

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