Data format


These files have been tar'ed and compressed. If you copy them to a file of a different name you still need the extension .tar.gz as shown in the listings below. To copy the files using Mosaic you need to select the option 'Load to local disk' and then click on the file you wish to transfer.

To retrieve the original files, once you have copied the .tar.gz file to your own machine, you need to type:

    > uncompress <filename.tar.gz>
    > tar xvf <filename.tar>

This process will create a new directory tree in your current directory containing a complete set of files. The tar'ed files frequently contain a considerable number of files so be sure to allocate sufficient space in your current directory. The amount of space taken by the files before they were tar'ed and compressed is listed next to each file.

To restore the data values to the units specified in the file header the values in the file needs to be divided by the scale factor. With a scaling factor of 10 the file value 437 is really 43.7.


              No of files        Size (kbytes)
Filename      in tar file  Compressed Uncompressed

SVF_FORMAT         1                       6
README.MON    1                       2
FSR.MON.tar.gz     13          62         451
IRR_MON.tar.gz     13         122         451
PSR_MON.tar.gz     13          66         451
P.MON.tar.gz       13          65         451
RH.MON.tar.gz      13          76         451
SR.MON.tar.gz      13         118         451
TM.MON.tar.gz      13          73         451
TN.MON.tar.gz      12          69         418
TX.MON.tar.gz      12          69         418
VP.MON.tar.gz      13          92         451
W.MON.tar.gz       13          38         451

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