Phase 2 Transient Dynamics

The VEMAP Project - Phase 2

VEMAP is currently in the second phase of model intercomparison and analysis. The objectives of this phase are to compare time-dependent ecological responses of biogeochemical and coupled biogeochemical-biogeographical models to historical and projected transient forcings across the conterminous U.S. These model experiments will be driven by historical time series and projected transient scenarios of climate, atmospheric CO2, and N-deposition.

The VEMAP Data Group at NCAR, in collaboration with the Geophysical Statistics Project at NCAR , developed the model input datasets required for Phase 2. These include a historical (1895-1994) gridded dataset of climate (temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, humidity, and wind speed; Royle et al., in prep.) and transient climate change scenarios based on coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM experiments, such as those with elevated greenhouse gases and sulfate aerosols.


The VEMAP Phase 2 Data Group

Ecosystem Dynamics and the Atmosphere Section (EDAS)
Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD)
National Center for Atmospheric Research

Timothy Kittel - NCAR/CGD/EDAS
David Schimel - NCAR/CGD/EDAS
Nan Rosenbloom - NCAR/CGD/EDAS
Steve Aulenbach - NCAR/CGD/EDAS
Cristina Kaufman - NCAR/CGD/EDAS
Hank Fisher - NCAR/CGD/EDAS
Andy Royle - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Chris Daly - Oregon State University


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