Ali Mashayek

Ali Mashayek is a postdoctoral associate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. His research is focused upon studying the role of ocean turbulence in the meridional overturning circulation (MOC) and through that in the climate system. In particular, he has focused on combined roles of polar coupled dynamics and deep ocean processes in maintenance of the MOC and its variability on centennial to millennial timescales. Recent efforts have focused more on the role of MOC in present day climate as well as in past climates, more specifically glacial-interglacial cycles and climate variability through the Cenozoic. Ali’s research builds on theory, modeling (turbulence modeling and regional/global scale GCMs), proxy records and observations. Ali’s PhD at the University of Toronto and his tenure at the University of Cambridge as a David Crighton Fellow were focused on theoretical and numerical underpinnings of ocean turbulence. That was followed by a 3 year period at MIT during which he worked on large scale ocean circulation, Southern Ocean dynamics, global deep and abyssal turbulence and their interconnection. Currently at SIO, Ali’s research has an observational emphasis as well as a focus on role of ocean circulation in the climate system. From late fall of 2017 Ali will be a NERC independent research fellow at the University of Oxford. More information about his work may be found at