Jon Egill Kristjansson

Born in Reykjavík, Iceland in 1960, JEK received his Ph.D. degree in meteorology in Bergen, Norway in 1991. Scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute 1991-1992, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1992-1993, Associate Professor at the University of Oslo in late 1993, full Professor since 2000. Honorary doctor at Stockholm University, Sweden. Member of ECMWF SAC. Leadership / WP leader of several national and European research projects. Research interests include:

  1. Parameterization of clouds in climate models or NWP models, including aerosol-cloud interactions and cloud-radiation-climate interactions; example: Rasch-Kristjánsson scheme;
  2. Polar Lows and other high latitude weather systems; example: IPY-THORPEX project;
  3. Climate Engineering, e.g. within the GeoMIP and EuTRACE projects.