Martin Miller

Martin Miller, retired Head of Model Division at ECMWF, has been an active and respected researcher of the interaction between the large scale dynamical processes in the atmosphere and smaller scale phenomena that are often parameterized in atmospheric models. His early work on atmospheric convection and the development of the concept of Convective Available Potential Energy with CGD’s Mitch Moncrieff has been referred to as groundbreaking and inspired many subsequent studies both in meteorology and oceanography. Martin has notably worked on the parameterization of atmospheric convection, the effects of sub-resolution topography and the general problem of stochastic physics.

The importance of Martin's contributions at ECMWF, as well as in the international meteorological community, in moving the science of prediction and forecast quality forward has been widely recognized. Martin has been a key link between research and operations at ECMWF, overseeing the introduction of new model cycles and the synoptic quality of the forecasting system. His contributions to the management of ECMWF have been significant over the years.