Taka Ito

Taka Ito is an associate professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research aims to better understand fundamental aspects of the ocean climate and biogeochemical cycling such as carbon uptake, biological pumps and oxygen minimum zones. He uses observational data, conceptual models and realistic numerical models, trying to fill the gap between conceptual understanding and ever increasing complexity of computational simulations. Under this theme his work covers a range of topics: quantifying biological carbon pump using preformed nutrient, diagnosis of Southern Ocean tracer transport using residual mean theory, evaluating ocean mixing and gas exchange using noble gas tracers, and analyzing the variability of oceanic oxygen from weekly to centennial timescales. More recently, he began working on the ecological and biogeochemical impacts of atmospheric pollutants with the aim of understanding observed and future changes in biogeochemical tracers.