Visa Waiver Program

  • Available to citizens of specific countries for visits of less than 90 days;
  • Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA);
    • Good for 2 years, at least 72 hrs prior to travel;
  • Cannot be on payroll, similar regulations a B visa.

Important points for Labs/programs

  • Visit is limited to 90 days on this program and cannot be extended under any circumstance. If a visitor stays longer, they have overstayed their visa status and have violated U.S. immigration regulation.
  • If you are providing any funds beyond travel/living expenses, this program is not appropriate and a J1 is required.
  • No strict medical insurance requirements as there are for those on J1.
  • Program is beneficial to visitor because no visa interview or associated fees required (saves time).
  • Carry letter is likely good to have.
  • Detailed info: