CGD Advisory Panel

Mission Statement
The Advisory Board will advise CGD on how to better interact with the University community in fulfilling the CGD mission and strategic plan.

Ben Kirtman

University of Miami
Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences RSMAS/MPO 

Dr. Kirtman uses complex coupled ocean atmosphere general circulation models to investigate the predictability of the climate system on time scales from days-to-decades and to study the influence of tropical variability on mid-latitude predictability.
Contact: | (305) 421-4046

Katharine Hayhoe

Texas Tech University
Associate Professor in the Public Administration Program Director of the Climate Science Center (part of the South-Central Climate Science Center)

Dr. Hayhoe’s research focuses on using high-resolution climate projections to understand what climate change means for people and the natural environment. To that end, she evaluates global climate models, develops and tests empirical statistical downscaling models, and applies projections to quantify a range of impacts on agriculture, ecosystems, infrastructure, and water.
Contact: | (806) 834-8665

Amanda Lynch

Brown University
Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences and Environment and Society; Director of the Brown Institute for Environment and Society

Dr. Lynch has published on climate science and policy, with a focus on the polar regions.Amanda developed the first Arctic regional climate system model, and is a recognized expert on the role of Indigenous knowledges in climate change adaptation. 
Contact: | (401) 863-5153

J. David Neelin

Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Dr. Neelin's research involves interactions between different pieces of the climate system, starting with ocean-atmosphere interaction and later spreading to some of the other interactions that must be understood as fully coupled processes. Tropical climate variability has been a major area of endeavor; in particular the complex interaction between the large-scale tropical atmosphere and moist convection.
Contact: | (310) 206-3734

Sumant Nigam

(Chair of the Panel), University of Maryland
Professor Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science (AOSC) Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC)

Dr. Nigam is interested in climate dynamics, with a focus on the structure and mechanisms of circulation variability. His analyses of observations, theoretical diagnosis, and numerical modeling efforts have advanced understanding of winter time stationary waves, Asian and American monsoons, and the leading modes of climate variability, such as ENSO, NAO and the NPO. His research seeks to unravel the natural variability and secular change contributions in the modern climate record.
Contact: | (301) 405-5381

Luanne Thompson

University of Washington
Director, Program on Climate Change Professor of Oceanography; Adjunct Professor Physics and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Thompson’s research concerns the roles that the oceans and ocean dynamics in particular play in climate variability. She utilizes analytical models of ocean circulation and numerical models of the coupled ocean-atmosphere system to explore the coupling of oceanic changes to storms and sea-ice, and the storage of carbon.
Contact: | (206) 543-9965