Upcoming Events

NCAR Mesa Lab in the winter

2019 CAM Tutorial & Workshop

10 - 14 June 2019 | NCAR, Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO

Community Atmosphere Model Tutorial & Workshop: Future Physics for Global Atmospheric Models. Driven by increases in computing power, the treatment of small-scale physical processes in atmospheric models is at an exciting juncture.

2019 CESM Workshop

17 - 19 June 2019 | NCAR, Center Green, Boulder, CO

The 24th Annual CESM Workshop will be a combination of plenary presentations, special interest presentations by the CESM working groups, and a poster session for participants to highlight their work.

2019 CESM Tutorial

05 - 09 August 2019 | NCAR, Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO

The CESM tutorial will consist of lectures on simulating the climate system, practical sessions on running CESM, modifying components, and analyzing data. The tutorial is targeted at the graduate student level.

2019 CESM Polar Modeling Workshop

12 - 16 August 2019 | NCAR, Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO

The workshop will target around 20 early career polar scientists to engage in advanced activities focused specifically on capacity building for using CESM in polar research.