CGD Seminar Series

All seminars are at 11:00 AM MST Tuesday mornings in the Mesa Lab Main Seminar Room unless otherwise noted.

2018-2019 Seminars

Date Speaker Seminar Info
4-Sept-2018 Paul Dirmeyer, George Mason University The role of the land surface in weather and climate
[Abstract] [Video]
11-Sept-2018 Kevin Trenberth, NCAR The changing flow of energy through the Earth's Climate System
[Abstract] [Video]
Lei Zhang, University of Colorado Ningaloo Niño and its role in the inter-basin coupling
[Abstract] [Video]
25-Sept-2018 William Collins, Lawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory The Radiative Drivers of Climate Change: Known Knowns and Known Unknowns
[Abstract] [Video]
Isla Simpson, NCAR Modelled and observed multi-decadal variability in the North Atlantic jet stream
[Abstract] [Video]
9-Oct-2018 Genevieve Jay Brett, University of Hawaii The Western Alboran Gyre, its properties, and their exchange
16-Oct-2018 Seminar Cancelled
23-Oct-2018 Toby Ault, Cornell University A glimpse of mid-century megadrought risk in low-warming scenarios from large ensemble, multi-model, observational, and paleoclimate perspectives
[Abstract] [Video]
30-Oct-2018 Colin Zarzycki, NCAR The intersection of weather, climate, and societal hazards: projecting future "Snowmageddons" with the CESM Large Ensemble
[Abstract] [Video]
6-Nov-2018 Jacob Wenegrat, Stanford University Into the deep: Submesoscale turbulence in the ocean bottom boundary layer
[Abstract] [Video]
13-Nov-2018 Lucas Laurindo, University of Miami Cross-spectral analysis of the SST 10-m wind speed coupling resolved by satellite products and climate model simulations
[Abstract] [Video]
20-Nov-2018 Kathy Pegion, George Mason University The Subseasonal Experiment (SubX)
[Abstract] [Video]
27-Nov-2018 Kristopher Karnauskas, University of Colorado Boulder The feedback of hurricane cold wakes on tropical cyclones
[Abstract] [Video]
4-Dec-2018 Xianyao Chen, Ocean University of China Changing Phases of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and its Impact on Global Climate
[Abstract] [Video]
11-Dec-2018 AGU - No Seminar
18-Dec-2018 CANCELLED
25-Dec-2018 thru 8-Jan-2019 :: Winter Break & AMS
Gent Symposium
22-Jan-2019 Ian Eisenman, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Iceberg dynamics in modern and glacial oceans
[Abstract] [Video]
Nedjeljka Zagar, University of Ljubljana Estimating Scale-Dependent Temporal Variability
[Abstract] [Video]
5-Feb-2019 William Lipscomb, NCAR Progress in modeling ice sheets in the Community Earth System Model
6-Feb-2019 *Special Seminar* Julio Bacmeister, NCAR Coming Soon
12-Feb-2019 Marysa Laguë, University of Washington Coming Soon
19-Feb-2019 Eleanor Middlemas, University of Colorado Coming Soon
26-Feb-2019 Pedro DiNezio, University of Texas Coming Soon
5-Mar-2019 Angel Adames, University of Michigan Coming Soon
12-Mar-2019 Aneesh Subramanian, University of Colorado Coming Soon
James Done, NCAR Coming Soon
26-Mar-2019 TBD
2-Apr-2019 Ho-Hsuan Wei, University of Colorado Coming Soon
9-Apr-2019 TBD
16-Apr-2019 Clara Deser, NCAR Coming Soon
23-Apr-2019 TBD
30-Apr-2019 TBD
7-May-2019 TBD
14-May-2019 TBD
21-May-2019 TBD
28-May-2019 Donata Giglio, University of Colorado Coming Soon

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