CGD Seminar Series

All seminars are at 11:00 am MST on Tuesday mornings in the Mesa Lab Main Seminar Room unless otherwise noted.

2017-2018 Seminars

05-Sep-2017 [abstract]
12-Sep-2017 Jean-Francois Lamarque, NCAR The not-so-straight path from CESM1 to CESM2 [abstract] [video ]
19-Sep-2017 Rhys Parfitt, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Why Are High-Resolution Western Boundary Currents Required to Properly Model Their Influence on Mid-latitude Weather and Climate? [abstract] [video ]
26-Sep-2017 Ahmed Tawfik, NCAR Building Convection from the Ground Up [abstract] [video]
03-Oct-2017 Charles Bardeen, NCAR Using CESM to investigate cataclysmic events: Asteroids to Nuclear Winter [abstract] [video ]
10-Oct-2017 Bill Frey, University of Colorado The role of Southern Ocean cloud and climate interactions [abstract] [video ]
17-Oct-2017 Jim Fleming, Colby College Gordian Knots of Prevision: The lessons of history. [abstract] [video ]
24-Oct-2017 Pedro DiNezio, University of Texas Prediction of 2-year La Nina using CESM [abstract] [video ]
31-Oct-2017 Kevin Trenberth, NCAR Covariability of hourly precipitation [abstract] [video ]
07-Nov-2017 Ben Sanderson, NCAR Do we need large ensembles? [abstract] [video ]
14-Nov-2017 Rich Neale, NCAR The Importance of Sub-seasonal Tropical Variability in CESM [abstract] [video ]
21-Nov-2017 Andrew Gettelman Through the Looking Glass: Forcing and Feedbacks in CESM2 [abstract] [video ]
28-Nov-2017 Clay Tabor, NCAR Interpreting precession driven delta-O-18 variability in the South Asian monsoon region [abstract] [video ]
05-Dec-2017 Sarah Larson, University of Wisconsin A mechanically decoupled CESM: removing the wind-driven piece of climate [abstract] [video ]
12-Dec-2017 AGU no seminar
19-Dec-2017 Judith Berner, NCAR Improving the representation of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation in CESM: Insights on stochasticity using a Principal Osciallation Pattern Analysis [abstract] [video ]
26-Dec-2017 Winter Break
02-Jan-2018 [abstract] [video ]
09-Jan-2018 AMS no seminar [abstract] [video ]
16-Jan-2018 [abstract] [video ]
23-Jan-2018 Joanie Kleypas, NCAR TBD [abstract] [video ]
30-Jan-2018 Matt Long, NCAR Ocean BGC - ORCA project [abstract] [video ]
06-Feb-2018 Land BGC and Societal Dimensions WG Seminar to be scheduled [abstract] [video ]
13-Feb-2018 Mitch Moncrieff, NCAR Organized Convection Parameterization for GCMs [abstract] [video ]
20-Feb-2018 [abstract] [video ]
27-Feb-2018 Angie Pendergrass, NCAR Does the rain in Spain actually fall on the plain? [abstract] [video ]
06-Mar-2018 Marika Holland, NCAR Antarctic sea ice variability or Arctic sea ice predictability [abstract] [video ]
13-Mar-2018 Kevin Michael, University of Virginia Understanding the linkages between climate sensitivity and the atmospheric general circulation [abstract] [video ]
20-Mar-2018 Dave Lawrence, NCAR TBD [abstract] [video ]
27-Mar-2018 Lorenzo Polvani, Columbia University TBD [abstract] [video ]
03-Apr-2018 Jen Kay, University of Colorado TBD [abstract] [video ]
10-Apr-2018 Arctic Change Workshop Seminar to be scheduled [abstract] [video ]
17-Apr-2018 [abstract] [video ]
24-Apr-2018 [abstract] [video ]
01-May-2018 [abstract] [video ]
08-May-2018 [abstract] [video ]
15-May-2018 [abstract] [video ]
22-May-2018 [abstract] [video ]
29-May-2018 [abstract] [video ]