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02.10 - Subversion / GitHub


CGD/IS maintains a code repository server using the Subversion software. Repositories are available to division members for both large scale (i.e., model) projects as well as individual personal use.

For a complete list of repositories see:
NCAR/CGD Subversion Server

Most repositories require an application for authorization to access the code. Contact the list owner for information about a particular repository. For sanity and security, CGD/IS only work with the repository owners for situations involving access and authorization. For security and stability issues, direct login (i.e., command line access) to the server is not permitted. Account names are based on e-mail addresses (i.e., user@domain.tld) and have intenionaly obnoxious passwords assigned, and cannot be changed by the user, again for security.

To request the creation of a code repository, submit a help ticket to: NCAR/CGD Help Desk: E-mail

For example Subversion commands, see:
Subversion Home Page


NCAR has a GitHub organization which staff can be added to. For more information see:

For a list of all CGD/IS documentation, see:

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