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03.06 - Remote Email

Accessing your UCAR Gmail account remotely is simple:
Open any browser and go to

Gmail is entirely web-based, so there's no need to configure an e-mail client, nor do you need to use the NCAR VPN to securely access your mail when you're at home or out of the country.


Because web-based e-mail is easier to access, you also need to be especially careful to leave no tracks when you are accessing your mail from any system other than your own.

  • Do not save your password if prompted!
  • It's not enough to close the browser when you're finished, be sure to sign out of your email.
  • Clear all you browsing data.

If you're looking for information on setting up remote access via your smartphone or tablet, see this:

    Mobile Device Setup

UCAR has setup an internal help site for all things Google Apps.
Quick starts, training videos and FAQs are all available here:

    Google Apps Support Site

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