Andrew Gettelman

Current Research

Cloud Microphysics and Aerosol Indirect Effects

I am working with colleagues to investigate the role of aerosols in climate and how they affect cloud radiative properties using advanced cloud microphysics and aerosols in the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model. See my publications page for more details.

Ice Microphysics and Ice Supersaturation

Much of my work on cloud microphysics has focused on the ice phase and ice supersaturation in the atmosphere. Ice and mixed phase clouds are important for the planetary radiation balance, and critical for understanding the evolution of Arctic climate. Recent work of myself and collaborators is focusing on ice and supercooled liquid clodus over the Southern Ocean. More details on my publications page and Vita.

Climate Modeling and Climate Feedbacks

As part of my work in the Atmospheric Modeling and Predictability Section at NCAR, I am actively engaged in trying to improve model formulations of physical processes, especially cloud processes. Most of my work has focused on understanding cloud microphysics, including the representation of clouds across scales and how they impact climate.

Climate, Water Vapor and the Tropical Tropopause Layer

Much of my early research concerns the exchange of air and water vapor across the tropopause. Several recently submitted papers concerning the tropical tropopause region are available on my publications page. I was a co-investigator in the NASA Airborne Tropical Tropopause Experiment (ATTREX) campaign.