CGD Exchange

The CGD Exchange! is a science meeting devoted to hearing about research going on in CGD and its impact on our world. We welcome all kinds of talks and formats. The Exchange! can’t happen without your support.

Date Speaker Title

Rich Neale

Dave Lawrence

When things didn't turn out the way you thought

Using CESM to assess feasibility and outcomes of alternative land-based climate mitigation solutions


Marika Holland and Melissa  Moulton

Will Wieder and Negin Sobhani

Rising Voices, Changing Coasts: The National Indigenous and Earth Sciences Convergence Hub (CoPe)



Defining Earth system science and Enabling research opportunities for this broader community


Jack Chen

Monica Morrison

Simulations of marine cloud brightening climate intervention at CGD: 2008 vs 2022.

Actionable Science, Adequacy-for-Application and Epistemic Risk


Cecile Hannay

Brian Dobbins


Cecile Hannay and Kolya Dols: "Building Cool Virtual Worlds. Using Minecraft to explain Climate Modeling to middle schoolers"

Accessible Climate Science & Technology

19-January -23

Frank Bryan and Matt Long

Keith Lindsay

Putting the Earth in Earth system models



Fast Spin Up of Components of an Earth System Model