Atmospheric Modeling & Predictability Section

Model Development

The Atmospheric and Model Predictability (AMP) section activities are focused primarily on developing representations of atmospheric processes for inclusion in the CAM, the atmosphere model component of CESM. In partnership with the CESM Atmospheric Model Working Group (CESM) and the wider university community research activities are focused on the following areas:
-Atmospheric turbulence
-Cloud properties
-Microphysics, aerosols and precipitation
-Dynamical processes
-Upper atmosphere processes
-Earth system interactions
-Simpler models and approximations
-High resolution capabilities
-Software development and support
-User-friendly modeling infrastructure
-Development of diagnostics frameworks
-Tutorials and workshops

Model Analysis

As part of the validation process for process representation in CAM, a number of critical diagnostics activities are being investigated, focusing on of key behaviors of the central to earth system changes and sensitivities in past and future climates:

-Equilibrium and transient climate sensitivity
-Cloud aerosol interactions
-Cloud feedbacks
-Dynamical system coupling
-Atmosphere and coupled Internal variability