Community Projects

Convergence Research on the Changing Arctic Environment: We are involved in a number of community projects to co-produce information on Arctic climate change and implications for people. This includes participation in a number of NSF-supported programs, including the Rising Voices Changing Coasts Hub, the Study of Environmental Arctic Change project (SEARCH) and projects under the Navigating the New Arctic program. These projects integrate Indigenous Knowledge and Earth System Science to better understand changes underway in the Arctic, their impacts on local communities, and effective and equitable solutions.

Extreme Weather Events Under a Wide Range of Climates: We are developing, with university collaborators, an unprecedented set of high- and variable-resolution paleoclimate simulations to investigate characteristics of extreme weather events under a wide range of past warm and cold climates. This project will leverage the computing resources awarded by the NCAR Accelerated Scientific Discovery (ASD) and the Frontera Large-Scale Community Partnerships, as well as fundings from NSF (and private foundation). This project combines model simulations with paleoclimate observational data and aims to improve our understanding of the dependence of extreme events on the background climate state, which can help better project the future extremes under global warming.