Staff Research

  • Bonan, Gordon

    Natural and human changes in land cover and ecosystem functions and their effects on climate, water resources, and biogeochemistry. Development and use of climate, hydrological, and ecological models.

  • Fowler, Meg


  • Hamman, Joe

    Climate impacts on the hydrologic cycle, open science, and open source scientific software. Development of process-based and statistical climate and hydrologic models.

  • Hartman, Melannie


  • Kluzek, Erik


  • Lawrence, David

    Land surface processes and climate change with a particular emphasis on research into Arctic terrestrial climate system feedbacks, including the impact of permafrost degradation on carbon, water, and energy cycles.; land-atmosphere interactions and how land-atmosphere interactions contribute to climate variability and change.

  • Lawrence, Peter

    Investigate how the biosphere, land surface hydrology, and human modified landscapes interact with the climate system, to impact regional and global climate.

  • Lombardozzi, Danica

    My research focuses on how terrestrial ecosystems are changing in response to human activities and the impact that these changes have on climate. Recent work includes investigating ecosystem responses to climate and pollution, the impacts of land management decisions, and uncertainty in global ecosystem responses to change. I currently serve as the co-chair for the CSTM-Agriculture Working Group.

  • Sobhani, Negin


  • Oleson, Keith

    Representation of land surface processes within climate models and research on land-atmosphere interactions with an emphasis on urban areas.

  • Shuman, Jacquelyn

    I specialize in the use and development of ecological models that include dynamic size-structured vegetation, competition and disturbance. Recent work includes exploring the impacts of vegetation states on and interactions with disturbances, climate, carbon storage, and ecosystem services through analysis of changes in vegetation structure and composition over time.

  • Swenson, Sean

    Terrestrial water cycle, and especially human impacts on the water cycle, at spatial scales of river basins to regional and continental scales.

  • Wieder, William (Will)

    My work focuses on evaluating and improving the representation of global biogeochemical cycles in Earth system models by incorporating ecological theory and observations. I'm especially interested in soil biogeochemistry, carbon cycle variability, nutrient limitation, and terrestrial ecosystem responses to environmental change and anthropogenic activities. Currently, I am serving as the co-chair of the land model working group.

  • Wood, Andy