Collaborative Science

CGD employs a strong focus on collaborative mechanisms where scientists work to solve challenging climate issues that cannot be addressed by a single investigator or a small group of investigators.

The Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI): engages in research on proposed energy policies for Japan and in a variety of technology development projects.

The Climate Data Guide provides concise and reliable information on the strengths and limitations of the key observational data sets, tools and methods used to evaluate Earth system models and to understand the climate system. Citable expert commentaries are authored by experienced data users and developers, enabling scientists to multiply the impacts of their work and the diverse user community to access and understand the essential data.

Earth System Modeling (EaSM): diverse interdisciplinary teams who work on the development and application of next-generation Earth System Models that include coupled and interactive representations of such things as ocean and atmospheric currents, human activities, agricultural working lands and forests, urban environments, biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry,  the water cycle and land ice.

CGD Scientific Visitor Program: nurtures and maintains long-term scientific interactions with university and national laboratory collaborators as well as early career scientists through a diverse and flexible visitor opportunities.