The majority of CATALYST staff are at NCAR, however a few group members, have joint appointments with other institutions:

Name Title Contact Expertise
Arblaster, Julie 1 Professor Climate Dynamics
Bates, Susan Project Scientist II Computer Resource Management
Caron, Julie Associate Scientist IV Modes of Variability/Subseasonal Processes
Chih-Chieh Chen (Jack) Project Scientist II Running E3SM, convection parameterization
Dagon, Katie Project Scientist I Machine Learning, uncertainty quantification
Fasullo, John Project Scientist III Model evaluation, modes of variability
Glanville, Anne (Sasha) Associate Scientist II Model analysis, running E3SM and CESM 
Hu, Aixue Project Scientist III Ocean and high latitude processes
Lehner, Flavio 2 Project Scientist I Climate system processes, climate dynamics
Li, Hui Project Scientist I  Tropical cyclones, climate dynamics
Medeiros, Brian Project Scientist II Model hierarchy, feedbacks, moist processes
Meehl, Gerald Senior Scientist Interannual to decadal variability
Molina, Maria Project Scientist I Machine learning/prediction
Neale, Richard Project Scientist IV Tropical variability, convective processes
Pendergrass, Angeline 2 Project Scientist I  Precipitation and hydrological cycle dynamics
Richter, Jadwiga (Yaga) Scientist III Initialized prediction, modes of variability, stratospheric dynamics
Rosenbloom, Nan Project Manager II Project Management, decadal variability processes
Shearer, Stephanie Admin Assistant III Administrative support
Shields, Christine Project Scientist II Hydroclimate dynamics, atmospheric rivers
Strand, Warren (Gary) Software Engineer III  Software Engineering/Data manager
Tribbia, Joseph Senior Research Associate Subseasonal to seasonal processes
Truesdale, John Software Engineer III Software engineering, high-res modeling
Yeager, Stephen Project Scientist III  Ocean and climate dynamics, multi-year to decadal prediction

1 Monash University, 2 Joint with Cornell University