Latin American Modeling Project (LAMP)

This research program was closed as of August 2018
Website content is current as of that date

The Latin America Modeling Project (LAMP) is a model comparison project that looks into climate change mitigation and adaptation for the region of Latin America. Participation in the project includes global integrated assessment models, as well as models from several major Latin American countries. The IAM group participated as unfunded partner in this model comparison project and coordinated research work into baseline scenarios for Latin America.

The first part of the project analyzed mitigation, the results of which are published in a Special Issue on the findings of the CLIMACAP-LAMP project in Energy Economics; see articles from the special issue below, with IAM group authors' names in bold. The second part of the project is still underway and focuses on climate impacts on building energy use, hydropower, and agriculture.

Energy Economics Special Issue on mitigation in Latin America

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