Staff Research

  • Bailey, Dave

    Climate system modelling and the interactions between sea ice, the atmosphere, and the oceans.

  • Brady, Esther

    Using Earth System Models as a tool to investigate past climates, climate variability and abrupt change, with a focus on the role of ocean circulation.

  • DuVivier, Alice K.

    Coupled earth system modeling, with a focus on interactions between atmosphere, upper ocean, and sea ice at high latitudes.

  • Holland, Marika

    Role of sea ice and polar regions in the climate system, including ice/ocean/atmosphere feedback mechanisms, high latitude climate variability, and abrupt climate change; coupled climate modeling and the improvement of sea ice models for climate simulations.

  • Landrum, Laura

    Sea ice and polar oceanography, including interactions between climate and sea ice, sea ice and ocean circulation, sea ice variability, climate system modeling, and climate of the last millennium.

  • Leguy, Gunter

    I am a project scientist working on land ice modeling. My research interests focus on improving real ice sheet simulation with the goal of better understanding ice sheet-Earth climate system interactions. I am also interested in the societal impact of climate on society, and more specifically, sea-level rise.

  • Lipscomb, William

    Evolution of land ice and sea level in the climate system, with a focus on ice sheet model development and applications; lead developer of the Community Ice Sheet Model; co-chair of the CESM Land Ice Working Group.

  • Otto-Bliesner, Bette

    Bette uses computer-based models of Earth's climate system to investigate past climate change and climate variability across a wide range of time scales. She is involved in research projects that focus on Last Millennium Variability, Glacial-Interglacial Climates and Abrupt Changes, Arctic Warmth and the Greenland Ice Sheet, and Cretaceous Climates.

  • Thayer-Calder, Katherine

    Software engineering liaison to the CESM Land Ice Working Group.

  • Zhu, Jiang

    Past and future climate changes, with a focus on climate sensitivity, large-scale ocean circulation, and ocean-atmosphere coupled variability.