Staff Research

  • Altuntas, Alper

    Ocean model development and coupling, formal methods in scientific computing, high-performance computing.

  • Amrhein, Dan

    Data assimilation and inverse modeling; large-scale ocean circulation and its role in climate variability and predictability; paleoclimatology and paleoceanography.

  • Bachman, Scott

    Eddy parameterizations, submesoscale turbulence, regional ocean modeling, fluid dynamics, applied mathematics

  • Bryan, Frank

    The role of the ocean in the climate system, transport of materials by ocean currents and mixing, and the representation of physical processes in ocean and climate models.

  • Castruccio, Frederic

    Modeling and analysis of the ocean dynamics and its key contribution to climate variability and prediction at inter-annual to decadal time scale.

  • Cherian, Deepak

    Tropical mixing; routes to dissipation from larger-scale processes; shelf-deep ocean interactions and consequences; and scalable, performant Python packages for data analysis.

  • Danabasoglu, Gokhan

    Climate and ocean modeling; subgridscale parameterizations to represent unresolved physics in ocean general circulation models; mechanisms, prediction, and climate impacts of inter-annual to decadal time scale climate variability, particularly associated with the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC); ocean forcing datasets.

  • Deppenmeier, Anna-Lena

    Tropical ocean dynamics, eastern Pacific cold tongue and what maintains and influences it, connection between small scale processes such as turbulent ocean mixing and large scale dynamics across different temporal and spatial scales: marine heat waves and their impacts: ocean variability and its role in climate.

  • Gent, Peter

    Theoretical and numerical models of ocean circulation in both tropical and global domains, parameterization of the effects of mesoscale eddies on the mean flow in ocean models that do not resolve mesoscale eddies.

  • Holland, William

    Dynamical oceanography, particularly problems concerning large-scale ocean circulation.

  • Kim, Who

    Variability, mechanisms, and climatic impacts of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, especially on decadal time scales; Air-ice-sea interactions in the context of climate variability.

  • Kleypas, Joanie

    Effects of changes in the Earth's atmosphere and climate on coral reefs and other marine ecosystems, coral bleaching, ocean acidification. She is retired but actively works in coral reef restoration in Central America.

  • Krumhardt, Kristen

    Modeling plankton dynamics in the global oceans, developing new phytoplankton and zooplankton ecosystem configurations in MARBL, understanding how climate change and variability and ocean acidification affects ocean ecosystems, running offline fish model, working with coastal communities to understand the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems, doing biological illustrations.

  • Large, William

    Physics of the upper ocean and feedbacks with the atmosphere, low frequency, large scale phenomena, and the role of the upper ocean as a conduit between the interior ocean and the atmosphere, upper ocean models for global climate modeling studies, atmosphere-ocean forcing.

  • Levy, Michael

    Software engineering in ocean models, especially parameterizations of vertical processes. Lead developer for CVMix (Community Vertical Mixing library) and MARBL (Marine Biogeochemistry Library). Both are available in POP, and the MARBL driver in MOM is a work in progress as of early 2023.

  • Lindsay, Keith

    Modeling ocean biogeochemical cycles and the global carbon cycle.

  • Long, Matthew

    Modeling ocean ecosystems and biogeochemistry, interactions between ocean physics and biology, global carbon cycle, ocean tracers and stable isotope biogeochemistry, impacts of climate change on ecosystems and biogeochemistry.

  • Marques, Gustavo

    Ocean model development; mesoscale parameterizations; ice-ocean interaction; bottom water formation and export.

  • Moulton, Melissa

    Coastal physical oceanography including flooding and contaminant transport during hurricanes under changing climate and land use, surface waves, nearshore processes, cross-shelf exchange, larval transport, engagement with communities, and marine resource managers.

  • Romashkova, Elena

    Ocean model diagnostics development, biogeochemical cycles and impacts of climate change, ocean ecosystem modeling.

  • Small, Justin

    Representation of small scale features in the ocean and how they affect the atmosphere and climate; also coastal upwelling, extratropical storm tracks, and mixing associated with ocean fronts.

  • Vance, Jesse

    Interactions between ocean physics, air-sea gas exchange, coastal terrestrial, hydrological, and biological processes, and climate change with the global carbon cycle; networked observational systems; regional ocean modeling of coastal dynamics and biogeochemical cycles.