Anonymous FTP

You can leave files for outside collaborators in your /ftp/pub/<username> directory. Outside users can access the directory either through the web or via an FTP/SFTP client.

From the web, simply point them to:

* Most modern browsers have no FTP support via the browser and you will need to use a FTP client instead. The link above was setup to allow web viewing but using a FTP client is the preferred method of accessing.

From there they can click on the file(s) to download them. There are also any number of FTP/SFTP clients that can be used to connect, such as:
WinSCP, FileZilla, FuGu, CyberDuck, etc.

Using any of these clients will require the remote user to authenticate, so use the following to configure your client:

  • Server:
  • Username: anonymous
  • Password: my_email_address@my_institution
    * Note enter your real email address

Once logged in, cd to the /pub/<username> directory to download files.

Please check the available space using df1 -h from any linux system before you risk filling up the parition with your data. If neccessary, CGD/ISG may be able to free up some space.