Incoming FTP

Collaborators outside the division can upload files to you using the Incoming FTP directory. Like Anonymous FTP, they will first need to login to the server using the FTP or SFTP client of their choice:

  • Server:
  • Username: anonymous
  • Password: my_email_address@my_institution

Once logged in, they can put files into the directory:


Neither you nor your collaborator can do an "ls" or listing of the directory, so you will need to know the exact names of the files that were left for you.

Once the files are uploaded, from any linux box you can then copy them from /ftp/incoming/file_name to your home or project directory.

The incoming direcotory is limited in size, so you may need to contact CGD/IS to free up some space. Please check the available space using df1 -h from any linux system to see if there is enough space for your incoming files.