Printers are scattered throughout the division. Each floor has at least one color and one black & white laserjet.

All CGD maintained systems have the correct printer drivers installed. To print, simply select a printer in the print dialog box of the application you're working in.

You may print to any printer regardless of your office location.

CGD does not implement printing quotas, however, paper is not cheap, so please think before you print to cut down on waste.

FYI: The printers will automatically notify us when the toner needs to be replaced.

Common questions:

Visitor Printing

Visitors needing to print from their personal computers MUST be connected to the CGD network via VPN. For instructions on using VPN, please see the Remote connections VPN page.

Once connected to the VPN, please follow the instructions for your operating system below:

Printer Locations

Generally there is one black and white and one color printer per floor. Please see the printer location page for the location nearest you.

Mac Printing

On CGD maintained Apple systems, printers are normally pre-installed for you.

To add a printer yourself, open System Preferences and click on the Print and Scan icon. In the next window, click on the "+" sign in the lower left pane and browse to the printer in the Add dialog.

On CGD systems, the printer drivers are pre-installed so allow the dialog box to auto select the correct driver. Click on Add and you're finished.

Windows Printing

For staff with CGD supplied MS Windows computers, printers will automatically be installed.

Linux Printing

Print drivers for linux systems are already installed. To print, simply select the printer from the Print dialog box in your application.

You can also submit jobs at the command as follows:

lp -d printername filename

For more printing options, do a "man lp" on the linux system.