A VPN (virtual private network) connection allows a user to connect to UCAR and CGD resources in a secure and transparent manner. Using the VPN, you can connect to UCAR and CGD resources via the guest wireless network, from home, or from an Internet cafe in Antarctica.

Using the VPN is very simple. All you need is an Internet connection, and a yubikey or cryptocard. Once you are on the Internet, be it wireless, or wired, you launch the client on your system, it contacts UCAR, and requests that you authenticate with your yubikey or cryptocard. After you are authenticated, you can use resources on the CGD or UCAR network as if you were sitting at your desk at the Mesa.



If you are using a system provided by IT, you may already have this application downloaded and installed

For Mac systems provided by IT, you can download the VPN by opening the Self Service application and searching for GlobalProtect.

For Windows systems provided by IT, you can download the VPN by opening the Software Center application under Start > Microsoft Endpoint Manager and searching for GlobalProtect.

You can download GlobalProtect clients for Windows or Mac by going to https://gp.ucar.edu and signing in with your CIT credentials. You'll need to authenticate with DUO.

If you need an installer for Linux, submit a ticket to help@ucar.edu

For other compatible devices running Android, iOS, iPadOS, or Chrome OS a GlobalProtect app can be downloaded from the app store.